That’s why the Sox will never win the series.

Outlaws • season 1 • episode 16

Dane, 24 – Gainesville, Florida (USA) :

I suppose this is tied to the aforementioned Something tells me he never got around to making that call, but this was the first time other than obvious watercooler moments (like Locke’s toes) that I was completely floored watching the show. It was spooky. It was surprising. It was chilling. It was also the first time I was enjoyably frustrated with the show (something I got very accustomed to over the years of Lost) when Sawyer remained silent and walked away.
I think viewers then, and sadly some now, felt the show was entirely about its mysteries and mythology, and every passing second that didn’t reveal the identity of the Monster was one to complain about. But I felt then and we learned ultimately this was a character-driven show, just set on an insane island. I feel so bad for those people that were missing out on what I was being blown away by, and this scene not only embodied that but revealed to me a show that was much more than what I even thought it was. The off-island connections were not coincidences. These characters were going to suffer, succeed, fail and ultimately, learn, even from the most unbelievable sources. If even lowly Sawyer held the promise of aid for mighty Jack, this show must have terrific things up its sleeve.I vividly remember the simultaneous smashing of Jack’s foot through the dried wood and the episode’s smash to black. That moment was so exciting and moving as well, much like so many others on this show, and I am very grateful for how much fun I had over the years.