You wanna go to hell?! You wanna go to hell?!!

The Brig • season 3 • episode 19

Jack, 19 – Portsmouth (England) :

To me, this is one of the most important and emotional scenes for Sawyer. In this Lost moment, Sawyer finally meets the man that ruined his life by conning his mom and dad when he was a kid.
When I was watching this scene my eyes were glued to the TV, I started to feel what Sawyer was feeling, I could see the emotion in his face, and after he killed Antony Cooper, I felt happy for him but at the same time I worried that we might not have the Sawyer we all love anymore and that this moment might change him as a person. I think we did see a new Sawyer. What’s extra special is that this guy who Sawyer just killed was John Locke’s father, and killing him helped Locke move on with his life too. Overall this is a tense, emotional moment that sums up what Lost is… Character redemption, and moving on.