I know that we’re supposed to be together, you and me.

Maternity Leave • season 2 • episode 15

Marina, 16 — Munich (Germany) :

I watched Lost a very long time ago for the first time. I was so fascinated by the show that I was talking like day and night about it. When I bought the seasons on DVD I just said to my friend Anna: “You HAVE TO watch it!” Well then she watched it and just got as obsessed as I was — actually I made five other classmates watching this show. Now we’re rewatching it again. Lost is the best show I’ve ever seen — well, we‘ve ever seen. [Laughs]
My Lost moment is at the end of episode “Maternity Leave”, when Claire gives to Aaron the socket she made while she was with the Others. It’s such a heartbreaking moment when she tells him secretly that she wanted to leave him with the Others, but she now has realized that they are meant to be together and that they have to protect each other. When she starts crying, you can’t hold back your tears.