I have always been with you.

The Little Prince • season 5 • episode 4

Anna, 15 — Munich (Germany) :

Marina started watching Lost a long time ago. She was always talking about it and when we watched a movie together in which an actor from the show appeared, she was always like, “Oh my God, s/he is from Lost!” And I was just like, “I don’t really care…
Last year, when we had no school for a few days, almost everyone made a little trip. But I stayed at home and had no idea what to do. Before Marina had to say goodbye, she gave me the first season of Lost on DVD. And she promised me, I would like it. After I’ve watched the pilot, I was totally addicted to it. Now, we are re-watching it together. It’s the best show ever.
The “I have always been with you” scene means so much to me, because I always wanted Jack and Kate to be together. And I was very sad when Kate and Sawyer were close but Jack was alone. In this scene, Kate finally admits she always loved Jack! This made me so happy that I started crying.