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Tricia Tanaka Is Dead • Season 3 • Episode 10

Jon York, 38 — San Diego (California, USA) :

My 10-year-old daughter got her first Lost moment.
She loves music, asked me for a song I like to play on YouTube, so I said “Shambala” by Three Dog Night. I explained to her why I liked the song, that it was from Lost and it came at a moment when two people felt they were surrounded by bad luck. These men got in a car and ran it down a hill to jump start it – and if it didn’t start they would crash. I explained that it was about faith… She asked to see that video and and now watches that scene over and over. It opened a dialogue about the show, and faith, and redemption. She now knows the names of the characters and has asked to start watching the show with me… So proud…