Let’s go find out.

The End • Season 6 • Episode 17

Amy, 44 — Troy (Alabama, USA):

When Jack is finally awakened to the memories of his life, his conversation with his father became my favorite Lost moment. Jack’s very last words of the series are “Where are we going?“, which sums up my experience in watching Lost for six years.

Christian’s answer, “Let’s go find out“, brought me cathartic hope. After watching Lost for five years, I was diagnosed with cancer in the summer before the last season. A brutal year of treatment followed, ending in May and just in time for the finale. Hearing those words and seeing Jack die and simultaneously reunite with his loved ones helped heal my battered spirit. It wasn’t coincidence that Jack hugged people who he learnt the most from on the Island: Locke (his foe/teacher), Desmond (the man he saved), Boone (the man he couldn’t save), Hurley (the friend) and Sawyer/James (the man who set him back on the path toward forgiving his father).

Seeing Jack take courage, let go and find out gave me perspective on death that continues to help me.  Lost is the only TV Series to speak so truthfully and eloquently on death… and life… and finding out…