Nice to meet you.

Jughead • season 5 • episode 3

Daniel, 22 – Tallahassee (Florida, USA) :

Nice to meet you” – Locke to Young Widmore. It was wonderful because you could see all of Damon and Carlton’s pieces slowly falling into place. It was wonderful because you felt like you were being propelled towards answers we lusted for so badly. It was surprising and shocking and extremely funny. It answered questions. It was nice to see some of our heroes (in this case, Locke) make light of the time travel that was frustrating some viewers. More than anything it was nice to see someone we rooted for finally have the upper hand when we were so accustomed to both us and the characters being dragged along in the dark.

Why do you keep looking at me?

Jughead • season 5 • episode 3

Randy, 20 – Kansas City (Missouri, USA) :

Three years after the Losties left the island, we are in a church where there is a room in the back. In this room we meet Elderly Eloise. Later we find out that it is Daniel’s mother. Surprise! She talks about finding the island and going back. At first I thought she was crazy and I wondered to myself how in the world she could know all this stuff.
Then, after many episodes of travelling through time we end up with a small group of people handling a very large bomb. One of those group members was a 20 or so year old blonde girl. Halfway through the episode she states that her name is Elly.
That moment was infinite for me, I pieced it together instantly that Ely was Eloise when she was younger. She became my favorite character of the show after that, for reasons I still do not know of.

I don’t understand you… but I believe you.

The Lie • season 5 • episode 2

Henrique, 23 – Santiago de Compostela (Spain) :

The kind and charismatic character that is Hugo Reyes is more than a comic relief. As the series evolved, Hurley transformed into a fundamental element: he is the fans’ voice inside the screen. Therefore, if I had to choose one scene that represents my connection with the series, it would be this moment of “The Lie” where Hurley attempts to explain to his mother what happened to him and the rest of Ocean 6 on the island. Anyone who have ever tried to explain the series to a neophyte surely omitted a lot of things and ended feeling like he/she did not do justice to the plot of Lost. But Hurley finds in this moment what any amateur of the science fiction feuilletons rarely find: understanding. What could have been a self-parody sequence turns into a big emotional moment which openly connects with us viewers. And then, what truly depict “Lost” is not a complete summary of cheats and absurdity, but the answer of Mrs. Reyes : “I believe you. I don’t understand you… but I believe you“.

I love you, Penny… and I’ll never leave you again.

There's no place like home • season 4 • episode 14

Thomas, 22 – Chartres (France) :

Love, the power of Love. I guess that’s what Lost means to me.

I have too many favourite scenes to pick only one, yet one moment keeps popping in my head when I think about Lost : the long-awaited reunion of Desmond and Penny on her boat. One only needs to see how the two wonderful actors (Henry Ian Cusick and Sonya Walger) look at each other with a twinkle in their eyes, to sense that their love, their hope to meet again one day had never faded.

This is THEIR moment, that we get to share, despite our will, while we’d prefer to leave them alone, in their intimacy.

Their kissing is just energy in fusion, it comes and pierces our heart, the music is mesmerizing, we get goosebumps, and we’re happy, so happy for them that we almost forget it is only a TV show, and that those characters are not for real – though we’d love them to be. That way they could show the world that their love is eternal: a solid couple never, ever gives up.

They did everything they could to meet again. We had been waiting for two seasons. How incredible this scene is, so strong and passionate, there are no words to describe it.

Then, Desmond introduces his new friends to Penny. She doesn’t know them yet and it’s almost like we are meeting them for the first time, too, as if they were complete strangers. On that aspect, too, the scene is moving: we think of our Losties who finally get to meet a “normal” person. How great it must be for them to make a new friend out of this damn Island.

This magical moment perfectly sums up Lost. It is, I think, proof that true Love exists. That’s what the power of Love means.

I hope you’re happy now, Jacob.

There's No Place Like Home, Part 2 & 3 • Season 4 • Episode 13 & 14

Skyler, 24 — Seoul (South Korea) :

Back in university I lived with my three roommates, a dysfunctional couple and my best friend, Daniel. There were many instances of tension in our small three-bedroom duplex household, everything from whose turn it was to do the dishes, pay the bills, or take out the trash,  to friendly debates over religion or politics that escalated into full-blown raging arguments. Lost was always there however, and was a constant that seemed the extinguish all current feuding in our lives.

On May 29th, 2008, we and millions of other Lost fans sat down to watch the Season 4 finale “There’s No Place Like Home”. Everything had been planned weeks in advance; snacks, food, beers. We all huddled around the television eagerly awaiting the rescue of the Oceanic 6 and the revelation of who laid in the coffin.

I remember Benjamin Linus, clad in his DHARMA parka, in that cold, unseen room with what would soon be known worldwide simply as “the frozen donkey wheel”. He huffed and puffed, feet slipping yearning from traction as he slowly inched the wheel round. My eyes began to well up with tears, overcome by the emotions of the struggling Linus on the television screen in front of me. “I hope you’re happy now, Jacob“, Linus spoke, right as out television flicked once and went black.

Initially, I thought this was some sort of Sopranos-esque play, an attempt to capture the audience, as Lost typically did, in equal parts wonder and frustration, but we collectively realized the lights on our satellite box had began flashing an unknown sequence of lights.

Accusations began flying over who had, or rather hadn’t mailed off the satellite bill, but it was quickly agreed upon that the bill had in fact been mailed as it was supposed to have been. Together we began scrambling, one person resetting the satellite box, one checking the upstairs television to see if it was encountering the same problem, one person on the phone calling various other Lost fan around our small little university town to see if they too had lost service.

We were the only ones.

It seemed like an eternity before the television flickered and Lost appeared again on our screen, Ben Linus now in the Hoffs-Drawlar Funeral Parlor speaking to an emotional Jack, hunched over the coffin. We all breathed a sigh of relief, before we had our breath taken away, seeing John Locke, dead in the coffin.

The next day we caught up on the fifteen or so minutes we had missed the night before. Just as we did the night prior, this time with a laptop, we all came together, as a household, as friends, as fan to watch the Island move.

We’ve all since moved on now and out of that duplex. The four of us have all graduated from university, the couple is set to be married in September, my best friend has a solid job in this ever so shaky economy, and I am currently teaching English in Seoul, South Korea. The four of us still talk Lost whenever possible, showing that Lost, like the Island itself, has a way a bringing people together despite the situation.

My name is Benjamin Linus. I believe you’re looking for me?

There's No Place Like Home (Part 1) • Season 4 • Episode 12

Jérôme, 25 — Melun (France) :

To me, Lost was a great show since season 1, but something made the fans crazy at the end of season 3: the use of the Flash Forwards, Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse’s new toy. A lot of us expected to see the survivors getting off the Island at the end of the show, but we were WRONG! We would knew mid-season 4 who were the six passengers who made it off the Island: Aaron Littleton, Sun Kwon, Kate Austen, Sayid Jarrah, Hugo “Hurley” Reyes and Jack Shephard.

At the end of “There’s No Place Like Home part 1”, the ♫ “Of Mice and Ben” ♫ music is playing, showing all the Oceanic 6 in terrible situations, all split across the Island. Sun with Aaron on the boat, leaving Jin and Michael to deal with the C4 on the boat. Kate and Sayid captured by Richard and his people. Jack and Sawyer still in the forest, going to the Orchid. Hurley with Locke and Ben in the Orchid.

The first part of this episode ends with Ben asking to Locke “How many times do I have to tell you, John? I always have a plan!” just before confronting Keamy: “My name is Benjamin Linus. I believe you’re looking for me?“.

Even though this season finale lasted three episodes, this was a very nice cliffhanger for the first part. It opened the following question: how all of these six people will be able to get off the Island together?! How will that be possible?!

We got our answer at the end of part 3. We also learnt, finally, the identity of Jeremy Betham in the coffin (!), leaving us speachless for the next eight months. WHAT A SHOW!

You can’t be… a superhero

Cabin Fever • season 4 • episode 11

JB, 28 – Paris (France) :

This is one of the flashback scenes in Cabin Fever, the season 4, perfectly titled episode about Locke’s connexion with the Island at crucial moments of his life. Locke is a nerdy teenager, the butt of the joke of his whole high school. His science teacher finds him trapped in a… locker. He brings him in his office and proceeds to tell him about the summer camp of a Portland-based company called Mittelos Laboratories. Locke is less than thrilled. “I like boxing and fishing and cars. I like sports!“, he says. His teacher turns pale, marks a pause, and goes on with a 15-second speech that, to me, became one of the most powerful lines in Lost, ever : “I’m gonna tell you something – something I wish someone had told me at your age : you might not want to be that guy in the labs surrounded by test tubes and beakers… but that’s who you are, John. You can’t be the prom king. You can’t be the quarterback. You can’t be… a superhero.
I don’t know the name of the actor who portrayed this teacher, but I can’t think of any other actor in Lost who has used such a short screen time so intensely. Plus the line completely captures one the key notion of Lost : being able to “let go” and accepting who you are. A monologue so great it almost eclipses the iconic Locke signature phrase that comes as a sharp reply from Young John : “Don’t tell me what I can’t do“.

I’m so glad that you’re here.

Something nice back home • season 4 • episode 10

Liz, 17 – Syracuse (New York, USA) :

My favorite Lost moments are all the JATE ones. The first time they met, their first kiss… Every moment they had I loved. My favorite one was “Something nice back home” when she jumped on him and they started kissing. Amazing! Their love was real, Sawyer and her’s relationship was just beacuse she needed him. Like, there were more alike, she was a bad girl and he was a bad boy. She felt like the life she lived off the island was what she was used to in Sawyer. Jack was the real thing. He was what she really wanted but was scared. Jack changed her, she was afraid at first, and so was he…
They both showed how they felt for one another, but didn’t show it like they we’re supposed to. I always knew they were gonna end up together, the Island just wasn’t the place for them to be together, at THE END, that’s why they became ONE. I always wonder if they never met on the Island, would they have end together off the island. The Island was meant for them to meet and be together. They lived two different lives, but the Island forgot about everyone’s life they lived before, like a new person. I love JATE relationship, because they both knew they cared, but after a while, they tried not to show it – the whole Sawyer and Juliet thing that was going on in season 3 when they had to part, she was with Sawyer and he was with Juliet. But I always felt, it was a test, and it was always them two, they were just afraid. But it was always JATE.

She’s a pawn, nothing more.

The Shape of Things to Come • season 4 • episode 9

Adriane, 20 – San Francisco, California (USA) :

His eyes wide, his lips nearly trembling, he continues to speak, desperately waiting for his words to have some kind of effect on the grinning mercenary standing outside the window, holding his daughter at gunpoint. “I stole her as a baby from an insane woman. She’s a pawn, nothing more.” He tries again: “She means nothing to me.” Ben stands his ground. “I’m not coming out of this house. So if you want to kill her, go ahead and do it–” BANG. Alex slumps to the ground as Ben’s eyes widen further, and for once, he is wordless, his face frozen in shock, then pain, as the image of his dead daughter burns into his memory forever. In this moment, Benjamin Linus becomes human, his loss echoing through every step he will take over the remainder of the series, and when he later says goodbye to his daughter, I cry with him.

You’re MINE!

The other woman • season 4 • episode 6

Silvia, 21 – California (USA) :

This is definitely one of my many favorite Lost moments! Just the way Ben’s voice gets all shaky and serious when he’s explaining to Juliet why he asked Goodwin to join the camp group knowing he would be killed, then the eerie tone in his voice when he yells “YOU’RE MINE!“. He acts like a child who always wants his way… except he’s far more dangerous and evil!
Also, not to mention the way he can becomes so angry and emotional then just wipes all emotions from his face and calmy says “Take as much time as you need” then proceeds to turn and skip off into the distance [laughs]… It gives me goosebumps. It seems as if it his way of being romantic, but in a very twisted and evil way. Michael Emerson is an amazing actor and one of my favorite characters on the show.