Exodus, Part 2 • season 1 • episode 24

Lorraine, 19 – Paris (France) :

I found out about Lost between the first and second season. I spent a few days doing only that, watching one episode after another. At the time I watched “Exodus”, the finale of the season 1, I kept thinking about this show. I was dreaming of it at night. To me, the idea of having to wait a couple of months before the follow up sounded like the end of the world.

Then, in the flashback’s last scene, when every passengers of the flight Oceanic 815 enter in the plane, I understood. Me too, I was embarking in a journey that was only at its beginning. I found the scene and its timing so poetic: it was the beginning of the story, at the end. For a season, we had came to know and love these characters. Watching them sit in the plane that would start it all, was not only a reminder of the road already travelled, but a hint at the journey ahead. That day, in front of my TV screen, I embarked on the plane too.

I love you, dad.

The End • season 6 • episode 17

Manuela, 22 – Buenos Aires (Argentina) :

Choosing one moment is really hard, but I’ll go for the Shephards conversation in the church. Just thinking about it makes me cry.

Jack has always been my favourite character, and, as if Lost ending wasn’t emotional enough, everything leading up to their moment added up, so that I was already crying by the time Jack turned around to see him standing there (I cried the whole episode, actually).

Their hug, their long-coming talk was perfect. I figured Jack was dead a few moments before he did, and I couldn’t stop crying, but I had to focus on The End, and then it happened: Christian’s words about that being a place they made together to find one another… I can’t begin to say how much LOVE, actual love I felt when he said it.

The characters that I had fallen for, actually ended up together forever. Because their relationships were THAT special. Because Lost was THAT perfect. Because it was all about LOVE.

And I couldn’t have been happier. Not a surprise if I say I was crying my eyes out, but it was perfect. If Darlton had asked me to think of the end myself, it would have never, ever surpassed what we got.

I know they aren’t “real” people, and they are “just” characters, but it never felt that way for me; the fact that we witnessed the most important part of their lives… that they learned to live together before our eyes… it’s TOO beautiful.

And I know I’m too cheesy, but Lost truly left a mark on both my heart and soul.

I don’t know what will happen when my personal end comes, but I sure hope it’ll be half as great as our Losties’ was.

In my eyes, you can NEVER fail.

Lighthouse • season 6 • episode 5

Rebecca, 30 – Smyrna (Georgia, USA) :

I have SO many favorite Lost moments.  Charlie fighting his addiction and becoming a hero in “The Moth” made me like the show. Desmond and Penny’s phone call in “The Constant” made me proclaim it was the greatest TV show ever made.  But, the moment that connected with me (and makes me cry) more than any other is the scene with Jack and David at the end of “Lighthouse”.

I grew up the daughter of a gifted musician (a pianist like Jack and David).  Through my dad’s love of music, I grew up loving and learning to play it.  He and I played duets (him on the piano and me with my bassoon), he would come to my concerts (as Jack tries to make it to David’s audition), and we both had a love for handbell ringing.  There were times when even though I loved playing instruments, I didn’t think I was all that great at any of them, but he encouraged me to keep playing.

My dad passed away in 2006 (when I was 25-years-old).  Two months later, I was introduced to Lost.

So, when “Lighthouse” aired, four years after I lost my dad, seeing Jack talk to his “son” hit home because it was like it was my dad, saying those words to me.

– David:  I didn’t want you to see me fail.
– Jack:  You know, when I was your age, my father didn’t wanna see me fail, either.  He used to say to me that…he said that I didn’t have what it takes.  Spent my whole life carrying that around with me.  I don’t want you to ever feel that way.  I will always love you.  No matter what you do, in my eyes, you can NEVER fail.  I just wanna be a part of your life.

Jack’s words made me think back to one of my last big memories of being with my dad, a year before he died.  I was moving to another city for a job and on the last night I was with him and our handbell choir at church, he told the whole room how proud he was that I had picked up and had come to love handbells as he had.  Still makes me tear up to remember that because even though I felt like I struggled with music, it was just enough for my dad that I developed a love for it as he had.

My dad was no saint and neither am I.  He had his flaws.  I have my flaws.  We had our disagreements, but we also had going out for pizza moments like the Shephards decide to do at the end of this scene.  Hearing and seeing Jack tell David that he will always love him felt like my dad was still with me and continuing to encourage me through my TV. As I carry on living after my dad’s death, I still have feelings of inadequacy and fears of failure, but as a Christian, I also felt like Jack’s words were my Heavenly Father’s.  I may have lost my earthly dad, but my Heavenly Father still wants to be a part of my life, I can never fail in His eyes, and He will always love me.

Just as David’s existence helped Jack with his father issues, I felt like this scene helped me with my own, in an emotionally profound and spiritual way.

I want you to give this to Claire for me.

Greatest Hits • season 3 • episode 21

Pat, 20 – New Jersey (USA) :

My favorite episodes in Lost were ones that focused mostly on the characters flashbacks rather than the mystery of the Island. My “Lost moment” comes from my favorite episode, “Greatest Hits”. In the flashbacks, it showed my favorite character Charlie and his brother Liam sharing in happy moments and acting more caring to one another unlike what we had seen in the past. Two other flashbacks showed Charlie step up and take care of Nadia, who was being robbed, and Claire, a pregnant survivor who was all alone. The last one showed Charlie being taught to swim by his father who, we are led to believe, did not have many other happy moments with Charlie.
These scenes each showed Charlie in a positive light, either affecting someone in a good way or being affected by someone in a good way. While I loved these scenes, my favorite scene was when he explained to Desmond why we were seeing these flashbacks. The audience knew we were about to say goodbye to one of the most beloved characters on the show. Right before he leaves, he hands Desmond a list of these flashbacks. He explains to him that these are what he considers to be the greatest moments in his life. He wants the list to go to Claire so she would know that meeting her was the best moment of his life.
This was the ONLY scene I had choked up watching. To me, it sets a good example of what life is supposed to be. The greatest moments in life will not come traveling around the world or doing crazy things, rather when you affect someone else’s life in a positive way. When Charlie jumped into the water, he was getting ready to do something else great for others.
Like Charlie, I am a bass player who has always been the small guy of the group. With these scenes, Charlie showed you do not have to be the biggest or the strongest to do great things.

The End

The End • season 6 • episode 17

Stephen, 21 – Darlington (United Kingdom) :

Lost gave me six years of incredible story-telling and even more importantly, a community of new friends. The show has been an excellent constant through my teenage years into adulthood with its mature style and story-telling. Whilst there have been innumerable moments throughout Lost that have been so emotionally and intellectually impacting from the get-go in the pilot, to the Locke having been paralysed reveal, to… well like I say, they are too great in number to list.
I think it would be safe enough for me to settle on one of Lost‘s final images as my “Lost moment”. Vincent is a character who has bounded in and out of the show, usually around a momentous event, but more importantly during an emotional one.
Man’s best friend accompanying a dying man, and the fact that my own dog walked into my lounge when Vincent plodded into the final scene of Lost just blew me over the edge.
I was already breaking up over such a powerful conclusion to the story: Jack’s sacrifice and the closure of Island narrative with the other character’s escapes and new on-island destinies as the entire series comes to full loop.
Any loved character dying is a heartbreaking moment, but this was such an emotional one as I was realising that the show was now concluded, it has completed its journey and moved on and that nobody does it alone, like Jack had Vincent, I was with my close Lost fan buddies as we all came to accept the end.

I’m so glad that you’re here.

Something nice back home • season 4 • episode 10

Liz, 17 – Syracuse (New York, USA) :

My favorite Lost moments are all the JATE ones. The first time they met, their first kiss… Every moment they had I loved. My favorite one was “Something nice back home” when she jumped on him and they started kissing. Amazing! Their love was real, Sawyer and her’s relationship was just beacuse she needed him. Like, there were more alike, she was a bad girl and he was a bad boy. She felt like the life she lived off the island was what she was used to in Sawyer. Jack was the real thing. He was what she really wanted but was scared. Jack changed her, she was afraid at first, and so was he…
They both showed how they felt for one another, but didn’t show it like they we’re supposed to. I always knew they were gonna end up together, the Island just wasn’t the place for them to be together, at THE END, that’s why they became ONE. I always wonder if they never met on the Island, would they have end together off the island. The Island was meant for them to meet and be together. They lived two different lives, but the Island forgot about everyone’s life they lived before, like a new person. I love JATE relationship, because they both knew they cared, but after a while, they tried not to show it – the whole Sawyer and Juliet thing that was going on in season 3 when they had to part, she was with Sawyer and he was with Juliet. But I always felt, it was a test, and it was always them two, they were just afraid. But it was always JATE.

You are not John Locke, you disrespect his memory by wearing his face.

The End • season 6 • episode 17

Ryan, 24 – Penticton (BC, Canada) :

One of the most notable rivalries on the Island had always been between Jack and Locke, with Jack always refusing to accept or believe anything Locke faithfully spouted. Near the end of season 5, and throughout season 6 when Jack began to realize Locke was right, it really made me happy. In the final episode, when unLocke (MiB) and Jack were lowering Desmond into the hole, the greatest exchange of words for me occured.
This remind you of anything Jack? You and me, with Desmond in a hole. If there was a button, we could argue about wether or not to push it, it would be just like old times.” This line made me smile, but it was what Jack said next that made the six seasons of Jack and Locke fighting perfect in every way: “You are not John Locke, you disrespect his memory by wearing his face, but you’re nothing like him, turns out he was right about most everything. I just wish I could have told him when he was still alive.
When Jack said that, I couldn’t have been happier. When I watched Lost for six years, in my eyes the show was always about Faith vs Science (Locke vs Jack). Seeing Jack speak in Lockes’ honor, it made the show, and is my Lost moment.

Hold on, Charlie. Hold on there.

All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues • season 1 • episode 11

Karen, 20 – Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) :

This is the episode when they find out that one of the survivors, Ethan, was not one of the passengers on board of the plane. The show turned into a whole new direction when it came to the question “Are there others on the island?” Ethan kidnaps Claire and Charlie while Jack and Kate try to find them throughout the episode.
The moment that really got me was when they found Charlie hanging from a tree. Just the sight of that made my heart drop. They cut him loose and Jack was trying so hard to save his life. That was actually the first time the show gave me tears. I never before had cried on an episode of Lost till that scene came (Who knew later on through all the seasons I would cry more).
I felt just like Kate when Jack just started hitting him in the chest real hard. I was screaming on the inside “STOP!” Charlie was one of my favorite characters so the thought of him being dead just touched me like “Wow, these people aren’t invincible, they can die.
Finally Charlie regained consciousness and I started smiling with tears in my eyes. After that moment I knew this show wasn’t like the rest. It was different, and I actually cared about these characters. This is probably the only show that made me cry, laugh and cheer.

Not Penny’s Boat

Through the looking glass • season 3 • episode 23

Nathan, 21 – Mansfield (England) :

I remember, vividly, that the week season 3 premiered, I lost someone very close to me and I had so much trouble getting through this.
It wasn’t something I could overcome, then “Through the Looking Glass” aired.
Charlie had always been my favourite character, one I related to, So seeing his death brought a lot back to me and finally helped me forget of the pain I was holding.
This is something I’ll never forget and I owe Lost so much for helping me let go.

John :

God I loved Charlie. When he sacrificed himself in the Looking Glass. But what I didn’t understand was that when he locked himself in the room, he could of either swam out the window or he could have gotten Desmond, jumped into the ocean and gotten the hell out of there. God rest his soul.

Nicole, 17 – Palm Beach Gardens, Florida (USA) :

“Through the Looking Glass Part II” was my favorite episode. I know alot of people have probably already said that, but it’s true. Watching Charlie put his hand up the flooded window, “Not Penny’s Boat” was the first time I had every cried during a TV show. It was the first time I really cared about someone dying on a TV show (although it was pretty heart-breaking when Boone had to leave us too). Watching Charlie die made me realize that Lost meant something, that if I could feel so much saddness for a fictional character they must have been doing something right.

What about Jin and Sun?

The Candidate • season 6 • episode 14

Jenny, 21 – Portland, Maine (USA) :

Sun and Jin have just been forever lost to us… Jack is dragging Sawyer’s lifeless body onto the beach as Kate exclaims “I couldn’t find you, I couldn’t find you…” Then Kate says to Jack, her voice hoarse, already knowing, without hearing the reply “What about Jin and Sun?”  Jack simply shakes his head, fiercly holding back his tears… Hurley and Kate start to shake with their sobs, Jack forces himself up, instead of comforting them he walks over to the shoreline, hands at his sides, he looks up blinking back the tears that will come eventually, he stares at the night sky and as he sharply inhales, the scene cuts out…
I am a student, a photographer, a writer.  I am a lot of things, and I have been shaped by many people.  Lost has had a profound impact on my life, the meaning of friends has become sharper, clearer to me because of this show.